About Us

A passion, an idea, a mother & daughter duo! 

Hi! We are the team here at Upright Acres. We are passionate about fresh, green food, so it just made sense to grow our own and share the gift of vibrant health. Our commitment to sustainable farming helps the planet be healthy as well. Get your greens!

I'm Peri and I have loved to grow good things to eat ever since my first gardening efforts way back in 1979. At one point, my garden was about 1 acre in size! I started growing microgreens when I lived in Mexico because I couldn't find them anywhere.  After moving back to Alberta, I decided to keep growing on a larger scale and now we can share these amazingly versatile and tasty greens with you.



Jaimie here, and I was lucky enough to grow up with that 1 acre garden (thanks Mom!). Watching vegetables grow and enjoying them fresh from the garden has led me to feel a deep connection with the earth - something that can be difficult to maintain in urban areas. I want to share this with my son, while also supporting my obsession with clean, healthy eating. His current favorite food is rice wraps with sunflower shoots and popcorn microgreens - I'd say he has the right idea!