Frequently Asked Questions


What's so great about microgreens?

More and more research is showing that microgreens -  the tiny, young version of a vegetable or herb or flower - have nutritional benefits equivalent to or greater than those of the mature plant. This means you are potentially getting all the goodness, without having to do all that chewing! More than just a garnish, you can incorporate them into a variety of dishes. You can also eat them raw, by the handful. We won't judge - in fact, we encourage it!

Where are the microgreens grown?

Our microgreens are grown in an indoor farm, in St. Albert, Alberta. We operate our farm as sustainably as possible by practicing organic farming principles and are working towards becoming a closed loop system. 

What microgreens do you grow?

We have a variety of greens available year round - check out our menu here.

How can I order? 

You can order right from our webpage, either as a one-time customer or by subscription (which saves you some money!). Please keep in mind that we only plant to orders we have received. For special requests and questions, contact us at: upright.acres@gmail.com

What does plant to order mean? 

We have a 10 - 11 day growing cycle. We plant every Thursday, based on orders received by 9pm the day before (Wednesday). We then harvest 10-11 days later. This keeps us sustainable by allowing us to only use the resources we need. We may have extra greens available 'on demand', but we can't promise.  Please contact us to inquire if you have a craving and we will let you know what we have. 

Are you certified organic?

While our farm is not certified organic, we only use organic, Non-GMO seeds. We do not use any fertilizers or pesticides on our crops, as noted above we follow organic farming principles. Just water, light & love for our greens!

What kind of packaging do you use? 

Great question! We use corn based packaging, that is recyclable, or compostable at an industrial compost plant. It looks like plastic, and feels like plastic, but is an earth friendly alternative with none of that petroleum stuff.

How do the subscriptions work?

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly subscriptions at a discounted rate. See our Subscriptions page for more information.  

When & where do you deliver?

We harvest on Monday, and deliver on Tuesdays between 4 - 8pm and offer free local (St. Albert and Edmonton area) delivery on all subscription orders. Individual orders under $20 will have a $1 delivery fee. Contact us for more information.   

I'm not home between the 4 - 8pm time frame. Can I still get my greens?

Absolutely! We understand busy schedules, and would love to chat and see what arrangements we can make. Email  us at upright.acres@gmail.com 

Do you offer wholesale?

Yep! Please contact us at upright.acres@gmail.com for prices and information.

What do you do with the greens that are not sold? 

We donate all extras to various community service groups, such as senior outreach centers. If you know a group that could benefit from our donations, please let us know! 

If you still have a question that we did not answer here, please reach out! You can Contact Us, or email us at upright.acres@gmail.com